Doggo’s and Pupper’s; What does it all meme?

The cultural significance of memes is explicit in rapid popularity they have established in our media saturated world. Meme pages garner millions of followers, and within my friend group, the sharing and tagging of people in memes is an essential part of communication throughout the day. Even my flat of four girls has coined the nickname 4gurlz1meme as we considered ourselves to be living embodiments of memes.

What do I mean by this? Well, previously, a meme referred to any form of cultural propagation that aimed to share ideas and memories with others. But today if you asked a Millennial or Gen Z what a meme is, their description would be something along the lines of a captioned image that makes fun of, or is relatable to the prosumer. So by calling our flat group 4gurlz1meme, we are relating our lives in the flat to the self-depricating humour popular in memes.

One genre of meme that has exploded on to the scene is that of Doggos, the internet name for a middle sized dog (bare in mind that there are many species of doggos).

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 3.03.57 PM


The doggo meme originated in 2010 when a photo of Kabosu the dog was uploaded to reddit with the caption “LMBO LOOK @ THISFUKKIN DOGE”. Since then, dog expressions have been a constant source of inspiration for media “prosumers” to reflect human experiences, as exemplified in the following meme:

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 1.45.48 PM.png

This meme acts as a piece of cultural information in terms of the audience it relates to.

This meme “Special Things I Have”, uses a cute image of a doggo rolling its tongue to suggest that it has little skills to offer except for this quirky talent. This is relatable to social media’s most avid users– The Millennial and Gen Z’s- as they are relatively new to the work force and can often feel they have little experience to offer. The meme therefore is created to attract this certain audience by combining the powers of ‘mans best friend’, with a self-depricating joke that they can relate to. In this way, the success of Doggo memes is evident- by using an adorable animal to challenge and mock human experience, success is guaranteed.



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By @BemusedBork –

By SabrinaTibbetts –

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